The series that I am currently working on is titled “The Thethian Quartet”.

The Thethian Quarter is a series that returns to the magical journey that our heroes embark on in a foreign world. Through the eyes of four teens, readers are whisked into the fantastical world of Thetheus. In this world of myths and magic almost anything is possible. But darkness lurks even in the lightest of worlds. Follow our main character Kain as he struggles through the dark in a story filled with adventure, tragedy, friendship, family, love, and–of course–loss.

  • The first book in the sequence is called Legend of Thetheus and is currently being self-edited and rewritten in preparation to find publication.
  • The second book is finished and is pending to be edited
  • The third book is also finished and also pending to be edited
  • The fourth and final book in the series is currently being written.

[Check my Blog for Current Updates on the Publication Status of this series]

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