Books / Projects

Here are book projects that I’m currently working on:


Glidwyn is a series that finds roots in the magical journey that our heroes embark on in a foreign world. Through the eyes of four teens, readers are whisked into the fantastical world of Thetheus. In this world of myths and magic almost anything is possible. But darkness lurks even in the lightest of worlds. Follow our main character Kane as he struggles through the dark that often feels as though its bleeding from his mind into this new world in a story filled with adventure, tragedy, friendship, family, love, and–of course–loss.

  • Book 1 – Legend of Thetheus (in pursuit of publishing!)
  • Book 2 – Origins of Dark & Light (to be rewritten)
  • Book 3 – The Chaos Chronicle (to be finished)

[Check my Blog for Current Updates on the Publication Status of this series]


The Tomorrow Chasers

Taking place on the same world of Thetheus, this untitled series will feature the notorious pirate captain Sindbad who is renowned as the youngest and most skilled captain in all the Thethian seas. This is the story of how he met the crew he would call brothers and how their adventures began.

Book 1 – The Tomorrow Chasers (finished)

Book 2 – The Horizon Catchers (in development)

Book 3 – The Sunset Stealers (in concept)

The Mourning Garden (in development)

This is my take on a fantastical journey as a Californian girl travels with Quetzalcoatl through Mictlan to ask her grandmother how to keep her garden of seven trees alive. Along the way she’ll travel through the many layers of the underworld, traverse time, and discover a family history that had been long forgotten. Joined by Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, and a mysterious boy, this will be an adventure for the whole family filled with fun, thrills, tragedy, love, and–of course–letting go.

The Boy and the Lake (in concept)

They were like Christmas candles–shining and warm. All the colors you could imagine, each unique and each glimmering brilliantly. No two souls were alike, if you were lucky enough to see them. Souls of those that’d passed–animal, tree, human–anything that was once lived in this vibrant world. This is the story of the boy who could see spirit flames. How he lived with the burden, and how he loved in a time of darkness. This is no adventure–simply a drama with a dreary gothic backdrop, and all the beautiful lights of those long gone.


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