My name is Allegra Lopez. I am from the beautiful state of Oregon that lies on the West Coast and have grown up there my whole life. My family was never rich, but we were always happy. Ever since I was young I would write with crayons on the walls (much to my mother’s irritation). These days I have abandoned writing on the walls and opted to type or use pen on paper. I write practically every day. I have written plays, screenplays, short stories, poetry, novellas, novels. Yet to this day I have not been published, a thing I am finally turning my attention to. Currently I am attempting to publish my first series. In addition to writing, I have a variety of interests including  video gaming, singing, acting, drawing, watching anime, reading manga, reading books. I am also interested in anthropology, philosophy, psychology, the mystical and chemistry. There are a million things I could have pursued, lots of things I could have majored in. But the only passion I have is writing.There is this mystifying power in the word–one that constantly amazes me–that excites me. It’s the power to connect people through pages, to give hope to those who are having tough times, to bring rainbows on a rainy day, and to create fantastic worlds that differ from our own. After all, through books we can live a thousand lives.

That is all for now. Perhaps I will elaborate more one day when I have more to tell, more that I wish to reveal to you. Until then I have only one thing to say to you:

Hello friend. What’s your story?