Welcome All!

Hello to you who has wandered through the halls of the internet and landed on my site’s front steps.

What you have stumbled upon is my author website. This is my sanctuary, my little piece of heaven to share with the world. I am a wanna-be author working on a series that I yearn to get published one day, while living each to day as it comes. As a day job, I work as a grant writer at a non-profit, but my heart yearns for more. My heart yearns to weave words not into asks for money, but to weave words into beautiful quilts–each square reflecting a still-life of how the world is, how the world used to be, and how the world could still be. Maybe that just means I’m a rambler or a madman, but as I work as a slave to the cycle called capitalism, I hope to one day break free and make these stories a reality. I want to reflect the world as it is–the good and the bad. The triumphs and the failings. My stories may be fictional, but the feelings in them are not.

Maybe one day you too can be touched by my writing–if I ever make it into the world. Until then, hello again internet wanderer. I propose to you a journey as you follow me in mine: find what you are passionate about and grasp it. Grasp it with all you have and even when the world is beating you down, don’t let go even when it’s tough. Not until it’s a reality.

Let’s go on this journey together.