Welcome All!

Hello any  and all who have wandered through the halls of the internet and landed upon my site’s front steps. What you have stumbled upon is my author website. This is my sanctuary, my little piece of heaven to share with the world. I am an author working on a series that I yearn to get published one day but quite honestly I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing–half the time I just ramble on this website.

Still, I love writing and am currently working on a Fantasy quartet (along with various side projects and other stories). More information on it can be found on my [Series] page. It’s filled with dragons and depression and while that may sound unpleasant, I hope you look forward to it! Meanwhile, if you’d like to get to know me more you can look  at my [Bio] page. OR if you’d like to hear(read? Nah I’m going with hear) my ramblings, please visit my [Blog] page!

There is one thing stronger than hate